Constructive procrastination

In the spirit of writing down any reflections and not trying to make my blog academic, I wanted to add a quick blog entry.

Constructive proscratination I think I’ll call it.

I have been very busy at work, last week I worked solidly and into the night to make sure I can meet some deadlines ahead of my week of annual leave. I totally abandoned my studies for a week, rationalising that I can give them more attention during my week’s holiday.

For the past 2 days I have been trying to get back into my studies… but I was finding that despite reading the activities I was not taking anything in. I was also getting distracted by Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, the cat, my thoughts, my phone, ebay, WhatsApp, mini Mars Bars, cups of tea. Sadly I didn’t do anything helpful such as get a sudden urge to clean the bathroom (it’s rather gross at the moment) or fold the washing (momumental washing pile is building up).

I find it takes me a couple of days (at least) to get into my studies. It’s like my mind needs warming up, the sections to that part of my brain are in hibernation and need to be gently awoken.

Today, however, I found myself constructively procrastinating. My study task was to read around some seminal readings on open education. I have made a note for myself to write up my thoughts on this (open education) in a blog post, which probably means I will never do it.

I have been following a number of EdTech academics and suddenly something clicked and I remembered the names of some very specific academics who defintely Tweet about open practices (I am not going to pretend to go to all of the conferences, but I know that *they* do). I found one of them on Twitter, clicked her bio and found her blog. The blog led to an amazing open resource of curated activities for building online communities. Something I am really interested in.

As well as being useful and practical it’s attractive. So here’s a screenshot

My H818 project will not be about building online communities, but I will be attempting to make an open resource of curated content for those who are new to blended learning. I hardly ever run live sessions, my day job is designing online courses to scale. So the list of resources was not directly relevant to my work or my H818 project… but it has:

  • given me ideas for when I make my own open resource
  • given me ideas for when I write guidance information for our online tutors
  • got my head into the zone of open education and networking.

I have a feeling that this week will now be a productive one study-wise.


Hello world!

Would this even be a website if my first post wasn’t called “Hello world!”? Here’s a photo of a cat 😉


I aim to make this blog as jargon-free as possible, as overly-wordy text is one of my pet hates.

About me

I am about to start the final year of my masters course- MA in Online and Distance Education (MA ODE) at the Open University. Sadly this course is being discontinued- I may blog about that in the future.

I have come far!

grand canyon path

A year ago, I wouldn’t have even understood the “hello world” joke I just made.

I recently found some notes I wrote back in 2016 (my first year on the course), and I wrote “TEL= technology enhanced learning”. I probably would have considered “TEL” to be jargon, I also remember bristling at terms like “asynchronous” and “pedagogy” and I now use them all the time.

Food for thought though.

A year from now, will these posts be full of acronyms, backronyms, intialisms and words that only those involved with ed tech use?

My pledge for this blog

As I progress through the course, I will force myself to write posts here of at least 500-1000 words in length based on the week’s material. I have been inspired to do this by a colleague, who is studying on a similar course at a different university. She has to write 3 blog posts a week. I think this is a good idea, and am trying out myself -“dog-fooding” as one of my very charming colleagues would would it (hello Stephen ;P).

I pledge to keep this blog public, to ensure that my posts are ordered and make sense. Well that’s the idea anyway.

I suspect I will maintain my private journal too, for when I want to rant about something, as my rants are usually sweary and incoherent 😉

I also pledge to make this blog as accessible as possible, and free of copyright theft.

Until next time!